Manacapuru x Philippine Blue

Named after the lake they were collected in, the Red shoulder angelfish also called Manacapuru Angelfish is one of the nicest-looking wild angelfish that has adjusted well in captivity. The red coloration is believed to be related to black water or deep water in which they live in. Red color is more visible when searching for mates in the wild, thus they have higher chances of producing babies.

Having obtained my F1 Manacapurus, their "red shoulder" is not well expressed, but their wild features remained. They are more active, fins are straight, and they school. I crossed them with one of my Philippine Blue angels and the result is this nicely-shaped angel. I have included both juvinile and adult pictures.



Wild Cross 87.5% (50% Manacapuru-25% Sta Isabel-12.5% Rio Negro)

The Triple Wild Cross

These wild cross are very interesting, vigorous, and has really good appetite. Parents Male is a  Santa Isabel x (Rio NegroxBlue) and Female is a Manacapuru. The male is one of Ken Kennedy's own breeding. These are rare angels and their shape and fins are just phenomenal. They are well adapted to tap water and does not need any special treatment. Pictured are the actual cross as an adult.

They are 87.5 % wild blood.

Available in March 2013



Sta Isabel x Albino Blue Ghost
A few breeder-size/adult are available for sale. These angels were imported from the Philippines last year and were bred by Ken Kennedy himself. You can either get angelfish that everyone has...or you can get these ones.  I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. These are F1 unsexed angels. Size: XL
Limited Quantity available



 Sta Isabel x (Rio Negro x Blue) crossed with Sta Isabel x Albino Blue Ghost

The newest wild cross

This is my favorite cross. This is a very unique cross that produced an exceptionally great-looking angels. Tall and round bodied angels with great fins. Some of the angels will have an albino gene. Actually, 50% of these angels will have a single dose of an albino gene, as both the parents carry the gene also.


Available for sale in March 2013

Pictures coming soon