The Nanacapuru Angelfish

The name Nanacapuru was derived from the kind of angelfish combination this fine specimen was produced from. The Rio Nanay angelfish and the Red Shoulder Manacapuru Angelfish were crossed to produce the Nanacapuru (50%/50%).To increase the red color on the back, the breeder crossed Nanacapuru (50% / 50%) with a full-blooded Red Shoulder Manacapuru to produce a Nanacapuru (25% Nanay / 75% Manacapuru). He then crossed back this line with initial Parents: Nanacapuru (50% / 50%) X Nanacapuru (25% / 75%) = Nanacapuru (37.5% Nanay / 62.5% Manacapuru). And after several years of selection ....this is the Nanacapuru (37.5% Nanay / 62.5% Manacapuru) that is available to you.

Features of the Nanacapurus include:

  • full and straight finnage
  • tall "altum-like" body shape
  • presence of the red shoulder coloration
  • Nasal Notch resembling an Altum Angelfish
  • and the uniques body patterns of each angelfish

Here's how to order:

  1. Calculate your ACTUAL shipping fee by "clicking" the shipping calculator below. A box of 6-12 angelfish averages a weight of 12 pounds. I only ship USPS Express at this time. Our Zip code is 53545. (If buying more than 12, add 1 pound per angelfish)
  2. Figure out the amount of angelfish you want. Each angelfish cost only $30, but if you buy 6 or more fish, your price will go down to $25 per angelfish.
  3. Now "Click" the Paypal Buy Now button and enter the total cost (Angelfish plus shipping amount) and just follow the instructions.
  4. You will get a confirmation email and the tracking number of the angelfish once they are shipped. That's it!
  5. If you want to receive the fish at on a certain day/date, please let me know and we can definitely make that happen.