Category: "Best Pair"   

Winner: Pinoy Paraiba x Pinoy Zebra Pair   

Owner: DamonC


1  Beckie


 3 Blacklace22

2  BigBen


4 Beecrazy/wlddolphn (2nd Runner-up)


5 Krustyart


7 Nicholas

6 Beecrazy/wlddolphn


8  Leegordon79 (2nd Runner-up)


9  Twiggy2151

10 Beckie


11 Adot45

12 Krustyart (1st Runner-up)


 13 Krustyart

14 BigBen2


 15 Blacklace22

16 DamonC







*** Some pictures were cropped. All pictures were resized to better fit the page. NO color enhancements were done on the pictures. Shape of the angels was not altered during the entire process.  Phenotypes/Genotypes were from participants, no corrections were made. Some that were entered without one, were given one. Special names of angels given by owners were not included to maintain anonymity and uniformity. For corrections you want made, please let me know. Pictures will be archived in this site and labelled with owner's TAF-II userID (if available) after each contest. If you do not want your pictures archived, pls let me know and they will be deleted.