The Blue Halfblack Project 

I am currently working on developing Blue Halfblack (HB) from angel pairs that I believe are heterozygous for halfblack. I have 2 pairs that have 1-2 weeks freeswimmers and hoping that I get some HB's from the spawns. Both pairs are parent-raising and are doing a great job, being it's their first time having babies since I got them. This project is a challenging one, as the halfblack angels may or may not express completely. Expression may depend on a lot of factors, such as water quality, feeding, space, amount of light exposure, etc. Some halfbacks may 'turn' overnight, and some may take a couple months. We'll see what happens. I'll update in a month on their development.


 The Chocolate Project

I've always been fascinated with chocolates before I started breeding angels but because of the various strains out there and pairs I have, I never got the chance to push through with the project. I always felt that something is missing in my's the chocolates! This project is in the early stage as the angels I'll be working with are my own breed, the chocolate paraibas and blue chocolates. Hopefully in a few months, my pre-breeders will give me some beautiful angels with better coverage to pass to you.