Philippine Blue Angelfish

 Due to too much inbreeding of the angels in the past years, they became frail, poorly shaped, unhealthy-looking, and genetically overloaded. Crossing the domestic angels with the wild refreshes the gene pool of the angels, thus yielding significantly low deformities among the frys. A lot of hobbyist are getting discouraged because the angels they bought are, either not growing right, has elongated body shape, misproportioned, bent fins, or easily gets sick. Taking care of angels is supposed to be fun, not an internship program for medical school from trying to figure out the right medication to treat the sickly fish. 

Angels for me, are supposed to be round/tall-bodied with nice straight fins, full of energy, defect-free, and healthy. Thus, this is the main reason why the fish you will receive from me will be different from the average angels you see everywhere. After a couple years of trying to improve the body shape, fins, and vigor of the angels, I'm excited to present the

"New Breed of Philippine Blue Angels"....



 Limited quantity will be available in March 2013. Blue Silvers, Blue Ghosts, Paraiba, Pinoy Paraiba, Pinoy Smokeys, Pinoy Ghosts