Nov 2012

Best Paraiba




*** Some pictures were cropped. All pictures were resized to better fit the page. If needed, picture will be rotated. NO color enhancements were done on the pictures. Shape of the angels was not altered during the entire process.  Phenotypes/Genotypes were from participants, no corrections were made. I reserve the right to remove phenotype/genotype from others that submitted, if some entries didn't have one. This is for uniformity purposes. Special names of angels given by owners were not included to maintain anonymity and uniformity. For corrections you want made, please let me know. Pictures will be archived in this site and labelled with owner's TAF-II userID (if available) after each contest. I also reserve the right to label pictures '', in addition to owners name, to hopefully prevent unpermitted copying/reproduction  of pictures entrusted to If you do not want your pictures archived, pls let me know and they will be deleted. I cannot guarantee that other people will not copy your pictures. Allowing me to post your pictures in my website means you are aware of the chance that this might happen and that I will not be held liable/accountable whatsoever. .  I will NOT use any pictures other than it's intended use for the photo contest. Entering the TAF-II contest means you are in agreement to above terms/conditions.