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  • Your order will be shipped in approximately 2 business day via US Postal Service and tracking number will be emailed to you once package is shipped. Signature will be required on next day delivery service.
  •  Fish will need to be prepared at least 24 hours before shipment, thus the 2 business day processing. You can call or send us an email if you want to schedule a different shipping date or if you prefer a different courier.  We will be happy to accommodate your request. Additional shipping charges may apply if changing shipping company.
  • Shipping is dependent on weather conditions, we will not ship your order unless we  are sure they will make it to you safely. In an event the shipping date is changed, you will be notified via phone or email.
  • After you receive your fish, please let us know how their trip went. For DOA's, please send us a picture of the fish within 2 hours after initial delivery to claim the "Live Guarantee".
  • Any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.